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Articles writing jobs

Freelance article writing is about taking a stand on arguments about various topics and explaining them. The purpose of the arguments can be to support or refute some aspects on a topic. Essay writers should have an ability to develop sharp contrasts between points favoring or opposing a given subject.

At first, it can be challenging to write but with time, discussing any topic will be easy. Soon a writer will know how to develop arguments, outliner the pros and cons of a subject, support the claims and make a stand.
An article might seem simple to handle, but in reality, it also requires much researching. A writer needs to gather much information about a topic to develop a series of solid supporting arguments for content development.
Freelance articles writing jobs require a writer to possess an excellent command of English language to draft high-quality work for the client.  For some instances, an author may need seeking the view of an expert on the appropriate framework for developing an authoritative discussion for the essay before beginning to write.

When writing an article, you need to use simple language when explaining the points in your argument. You should also use short, simple sentences to provide a clear meaning. Writing an essay requires a short, precise and to the point style.

Customers get satisfaction when a writer creates an article that is easy to read to comprehend.  In future, these clients are more likely to recommend you for new orders.

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The purpose of consistent flow

Unlike freelance article writing jobs that can or fail to follow an academic format, academic writing jobs require adherence to strict academic format guidelines.

A piece should contain an introduction, body text and a conclusion that sums up all the main points in the body. The flow is necessary when you write an academic article. The purpose of consistent flow is to ensure that a reader has a smooth transition from one essay section to another.



A well-written introduction will set the direction of for the writing and point out the issues that the writer will discuss in the main body. It also defines to allow better understanding by a reader. The last sentence should include a thesis statement stating the side of the argument by the author.

The body

Body text elaborates the issues the issues that the writer mentioned in the introduction to create a clearer picture of the argument. It is this section to cite the pros and cons of an essay subject.


A conclusion sums up the final remarks by the author on the topic in line to the argument developed in the body text.

Reference to various sources eliminates any biases

A writer should avoid plagiarism

In academic writing, in-text citation and referencing demonstrate that an author gore information from different sources to state the reasons. Reference to various sources eliminates any biases in essay argument.

Copying works by other writers without providing them credit is known as plagiarism. A writer should avoid plagiarism by writing high-quality original work for the client.