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Many students are now relying on online writing companies for help to write their academic assignments. Writing academic work has led to an increase of freelance academic wring jobs. It is now a source of decent income for many freelance writers.

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WriteNod.com has provided a reliable platform to match writers with customers who require academic writing help. We offer freelance academic writing jobs to qualified writers who will work at their most convenient time.

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For their contribution, we pay them rates commensurate to the knowledge, effort and time it takes to complete an academic paper. We are different from most internet based companies as our rates to freelance academic writers are among the highest. You can earn up to $26 per page depending on the task you write.

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We offer satisfactory service to our customers to customers and in turn get an order for a wide range of orders for all subjects. A writer who signs up to our website will not lack a job for his or her skill. Our timelines are convenient. You work within your schedule as we have orders with short and long deadlines. You can also choose not to write on days when other tasks or pending take up your time.

The requirements to join WriteNod.com are simple. We require someone who has a passion for academic writing jobs with determination to write high-quality content that our clients expect. We are the right organization for any freelancer writer with at least a bachelor’s degree searching for regular orders for fair pay.  We will even make your work easier by allowing you to choose tasks that are within your qualification and interest.

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To maintain a constant flow of tasks, our customers must be happy with their papers. It is mandatory for a writer to have mastery of the English language and writing requirements for different types of academic papers. A writer should also be a good researcher to get credible references and information for supporting the claims in the paper. We require writers to create papers using research findings from different sources in their words to prevent the occurrence of plagiarism.

To be part of our freelance academic writing, you should also be able to adhere to other instructions by our customers. These include choosing of an appropriate topic, use of relevant language level, spacing, format and referencing.If you can meet these writing requirements, you are the right candidate for freelance academic writing jobs.  You will submit your scanned copy of degree certificates. We will then arrange a test for use to gauge your grammar, writing and citation competence. If you pass our test, we will offer you a writing job and take care of your financial needs by paying you the equal amount of your effort.

When you become an active freelancer, we guarantee you of regular income from your academic writing ventures by writing within your schedule.  Also, we will even offer you a bonus if you are a consistently excellent performer who always delivers high-quality work.

At WriteNod.com, freelance writers will even get bonuses for consistently high performance. If you write more than 80 pages of quality academic work, we offer you a bonus of 2%. A bonus of 4% awaits you upon completing 150 pages.Your search for the best freelance academic writing organization is over. Visit our website, sign up and smile to the bank twice a month when we make payments through PayPal and Payoneer.