Read our privacy policy below to understand the way we collect and use the information you avail to us. We may occasionally change this policy. We always publish the version in use on our website. The word ‘we’ refers to unless we state otherwise.

Collection of Information

On given occasions, we will request you to submit your personal information such as name or email address so as to receive or access service on our website. This may, for example, happen when you are making an order, applying to be our writer, register for personalized services such as the use of customer control panel or subscribe to our newsletters.

We require your personal information when you order for our services or products or helping us to know your identity when you contact us. We take reasonable measures to ensure that transmission of personal information we require from you is secure. We understand the sensitive nature of personal information and always collect it over a secure connection. Data Protection Notice

Unlike many companies offering internet based services, we NEVER share information you provide or any other in our possession with other companies or unauthorized parties.

We may utilize the information you provide to use for customer services, administration, marketing and profiling your preferences. For marketing communication, we promise not to exceed four marketing communications a month. You still retain the ability to refuse to receive marketing communications at your chosen time.

For information on our use of cookies and other web tracking devices, please read sections below in our privacy policy.

We regard information you send to us about another person as permission to process that personal data (including the sensitive). We also consider it that you have informed the owners about us and the ways we will use their data in harmony with this notice.

It is the right of our customers to ask us (for a copy of personal information for which we have a right to charge a fee) and correct any inaccuracies. For training and mutual protection purposes, we may record and monitor telephone calls.

Information on Writers

When you are writing for us, we require you to supply your financial account details to enable us to process payments faster. We promise to t take all the possible precautions for safe keeping.

Collection of Information about Website Visits

We may check your IP address to know your location when you visit web pages to help us in providing relevant content for your location.

We may put a ‘cookie’ to your website. Cookies are text files that allow identification of your computer through IP address to our server. Numerous reputable websites use cookies, and they should not alarm you. They help us to track the frequency of your visits to our website. Cookies also enable us to confirm your identity each time you log into our site and help using Determining if you are logged in or out.

You can set your computer to accept all cookies or notify you when we issue a cookie. You may also choose not to receive cookies.

N.B.: Refusing a cookie may prevent you from accessing certain areas of our site or hinder its proper functioning. For example, our customer login area relies on cookies to identify you and your login status (logged in or out).

Sometimes we may use analytics software to record non-personal statistical information on your activities on the website. An example of these statistics is:

Duration of viewing a page
Common paths you take through the site
Data on screen settings
Other relevant general information
None of the above information is person-specific.

How Do We Use Personal Information?

We use your personal details only for the reasons we state or those that you can reasonably anticipate, and when necessary we seek your consent. Outside these uses, we shall not contact you unnecessarily or pass your information to other persons or companies ever.

Our commitment is to treat your personal data with the due care and by relevant data protection principles. Also, you will notice that we have far more protective privacy policy that most major companies that often reserve a right to relay personal details to third parties for marketing purposes.

Accessing Personal Information

If you desire to see a copy of your information in our possession, please send an email to our inquiries team and mark your email as “attention legal department.” We reserve the right to ask for certain information that helps to confirm your identity.

Most likely, we will provide this information free, but we reserve a right for charging a small fee.

If we believe that any data we have about you is incorrect, subject to misuse or you require further information, you can contact us through our inquiries email address.

Users of 16 Years And Under

If your age is 16 years or below, a parent or guardian must provide permission before you provide your personal information to us. If we determine that you provided information before seeking appropriate consent, it is our right to cancel all services and transactions then remove all personal data we received. You can re-submit this information when you get the required permission.

Links to Other Websites

Our website might contain links to other sites outside our company. is not responsible for their security and privacy. Our privacy policy is only applicable to our website.

If you are not sure whether a site belongs to us, send an email to our inquiries address or call us.

For other questions about our way of handling data, please email or call us. For more in-depth questions, please send an email to our inquiries address. Remember to mark it “attention the legal department.”