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1. Definitions

1.1. “Agreement”: These Terms and Conditions.

1.2. “Company”: “ ” in any name variation and cooperation with the writer in accordance to terms of this agreement.

1.3. “Website”:

1.4. “Order” or “Case”: Electronic request for a paid service by a Customer for a particular service or product.

1.5. “Product”: Any document in .doc or .docx format, that is a result of an order processing by a Writer and Support.

1.6. “Support Department” or “Support”: Part of the infrastructure serving as an intermediate between a Writer and a Customer.

1.7. “Customer”: The person who orders paper/content writing by a Company’s Writers according to his/her requirements through paying according to with pricing system.

1.8. “Writer”: A person who agrees to work for as a freelancer under terms stated in this Agreement.

1.9. “Reachable”: Means a writer can be contacted when writing an order by internet (emails and/or Messaging System) and by phone (landline or cellular) for support.

1.10. “Responsive”: the writer can provide the required information through the means above to the company and customer while processing an order.

1.11. “Account”: An electronic record of all Orders that a writer processes, communication, payment, and other personal information about the Writer as availed to the Website.

1.12. “Activation of Account”: Launch of cooperation between the Company and a Writer.

1.13. “Termination of Account”: Termination of cooperation between the Writer and the Company.

1.14. “Message”: A unit of the Messaging System, information that a sender posts for a recipient.

1.15. “Messaging System”: An online communication tool in the Writer’s Account on Website in the section called “Messages” and for communication between a Writer, support, and the Customer.

1.16. “Due Balance”: Amount of Earnings pending for a Writer for completed Orders.

1.17. “Earnings”: Payment for a writer for completed orders and delivered Products to Customers.

1.18. “Payment Method”: Method or system of transferring money that the company uses to compensate writers.

1.19. “Beneficiary Info”: information that the Writer submits to his/her Account as a preferred method to receive Earnings.

1.20. “Payment Dates”: Dates when the Company sends payments to  Writers through their chosen Payment Methods.

1.21. “Dispute”: A disagreement by the Writer and concerning Fines and/or Termination of Account.

1.22. “Fine”: A sum of money that the Company penalizes a writer for violation standards and requirements to Products, or failing to fulfill the Writer’s liabilities.

1.23 “Payment System”: A third-party payment processor for transferring payments from the Customers on behalf

1.24 “Claim”: A disputed/canceled charge by the Company regarding a Customer’s bank account, put on hold by a payment system or card issuer after completing an authorization procedure according to Customer’s request.

1.25 “Investigation Period”: A period of 14-21 business days for claim investigation.

1.26 “Probation Period”:  A   period given for a Writer to improve work performance, if it previously defined as below in the Company’s standards and requirements.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. This Agreement regulates relationships and actions between the Company, the writers, and customers.

3. Liabilities of the Company ( and the Writer
3.1. The Company has an obligation to:

3.1.1. Provide access to the account (personal control panel) and a choice of Orders to available writers.

3.1.2. Track the writer’s work record – completed orders, payment history, etc. This record is accessible on Writer’s Personal Account.

3.1.3. Issue payment on the stated Payment Dates in the clause 8.1 through Payment Methods chosen by a Writer.

3.1.4. Be an intermediate between Writers and the Customers, by transmitting Messages between the parties and if necessary, will contact them by phone.

3.1.5. Secure high-quality products and fine Writers an amount as stated in the clause 6 for failing to meet the requirements of the clause.

3.1.6. Decide on Activation and Termination of Writer’s Account subject to clauses 5 and 9 respectively.

3.1.7. Resolve Disputes arising from Orders processing.

3.1.8. Keep all the writer and customer personal information in complete confidentiality, according to Privacy Policy.

3.2. The Writer has an obligation to:

3.2.1. Follow all Customer’s instructions and guidelines when working on order.

3.2.2. Follow the standards and requirements of the Company on Products in clause 4.

3.2.3. Follow formatting styles standards (such as MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago/Turabian) as stated in the account and link sections in the Account of the Website.

3.2.4. Upload the final Product version before the Order deadline.

3.2.5. Upload a half of the Order before 50% deadline passes (exceeding 20 pages).

3.2.6. Be Reachable and Responsive when working on Orders. Log in to the account at least once in 24 hours while working on an Order.

3.2.7. Upload a 50% or more of a completed Product upon Company’s request to get a deadline extension. (Company has the discretion to decide on deadline extensions).

3.2.8. Perform all paper revisions for free.

3.2.9. Maintain confidentiality of all the Order information.

3.2.10. Deliver the Product Company only and not to sell/donate/share it to any other party.

3.2.11. Use only one username with legitimate and current personal information. Working under fake or multiple Accounts is strictly prohibited.

3.2.12. Transfer intellectual property rights for submitted Products to the Company.

3.2.13. Writers shall not participate in any online assignment on behalf of a customer or login to an online account for the customer.

3.3. Violation of obligations in the clauses 3.2.1., 3.2.2., 3.2.3., 3.2.4., 3.2.5., 3.2.6 will result in fines, stated under clause 6.

3.4. Systematic violation of these obligations stated in clause 3.3 and breach of obligations in sections 3.2.8 and 3.2.9 and 3.2.10 will lead to Termination of Account, as stated in clause 9.1.
4. Company’s product standards and requirements

4.1. All content must be:

4.1.1. Original and centered on proper argumentation.

4.1.2. Built on the principle of a logical development, which may be achieved by linking words and phrases, as well as any other linguistic devices.

4.1.3. Built in a way that properly develops a topic given by the Customer to meet all instructions.

4.1.4. Structured and l organized logically in an appropriate manner according to the type of paper as per requirements in the Order.

4.2. Formatting:

4.2.1. Text should be on a standard A4 page (8.267″ x 11.692″) with 1″ margins on all sides. The minimum word count for a page is 275 words. This value is not a maximum limit and can be exceeded to meet instructions according to clause 4.5.2 if needed.

4.2.2. The font should be in double-spaced Times New Roman or a similar 12 pt.

4.2.3. Page numbers should be in the upper right-hand corner of the paper.

4.2.4. All elements should be in the required formatting styles).

4.2.5. For Editing/Proofreading orders, the Writer should edit at least   30% of its content.

4.3. Language norms:

4.3.1. Writing papers should be in perfect English without any violating to language norms, including grammar, stylistics, punctuation and any other requirements.

4.4. Plagiarism:

4.4.1. Plagiarism level should 0%, according to scan report by special software. Plagiarism level does not include bibliographical reference and cliched phrases

4.5.1. Writers should follow Customer’s all specifications and instructions t.

4.5.2. The Product that a writer delivers must reach the required number of pages.

4.6. Violation of the above clauses 4.1.-4.5 results to fines according to clause 6.1.

4.7. Systematic violation of the above clauses 4.1.-4.5 results to a Probation or total Termination of Account as per clause 9.1.2.

If an account is on a Probation period, these restrictions may apply:

  • Number of Orders.
  • Active order applications.

Denial of access to:

  • Orders exceeding undergraduate academic level.
  • Urgent Orders.
  • Orders of 20 or more pages.
  • Option for bidding.
  • Particular orders based on application or the history of claims.

5. Activation of Account

5.1. For Activation of Account, the Writer must fill a registration form at the Website, pass grammar, and three (3) formatting styles tests, and upload a scanned copy of academic certificates and an original essay.

5.2.  Support notifies the writer on whether an account will be activated or declined within 14 days of completing the tests. The Support can also ask for additional information, from the author or correction of provided information or revision of sample essay or another test if the first performance was insufficient.

5.3. Only upon Activation of Account the Writer receives the possibility to apply for Cases and start earning money.

6. Fines

6.1. Violation of the conditions as stated in 3.2.1. – 3.2.5., 4.1. – 4.5. will result in the following fines:

6.1.1. Plagiarism (clause of 4.4.) – 50% of order cost.

6.1.2. Wrong formatting (clause 4.2.) – 15% of the estimate order price.

6.1.3. Grammatical and punctuation mistakes as stated in (clause 4.3) – 25% of the estimated Order price.

6.1.4. When the Writer is unreachable (clause 3.2.5.) – A    $1 fine is imposed.

6.1.5. Lateness (clause 3.2.4.):

The writer delivers the first part of the paper late_ A 10% of estimated Order price.

The writer delivers the order late by less than an hour- 15% of estimated Order price.

The writer delivers Order late by over 1 hour. – 25% of estimated Order price.

The Writer misses the deadline, and the client rejects the order. – 100% of the estimated Order price.

6.1.6. Retraction from an Order:

Writer deadline passes by less than 30% deadline – no fine.

Writer deadline passes by more than 30% –A fine of 50% of the estimated Order price.

6.1.7. Low-quality Order (clause 3.2.1 – 3.2.2):

If a client complains about the poor quality of delivered work, The Company might impose a fine of 25% of the estimated order price. (regardless of order status).

The Quality Assurance Department has full rights to cancel a payment if the quality of work that writer delivers does not meet the Company requirements and standards. In such situations, the Quality Assurance has the responsibility to provide a detailed explanation for payment cancellation.

6.2. If the writer’s actions /inaction are the cause of a refund, the Company will fine a 100% of estimated Order price.  More than instance may lead to termination of an account as stated in the clause 9.1.2.

6.3. Violating clause 3.2.8 shall result in a fine of 100% of the estimated Order price and account termination.

6.4 If a customer initiates a Claim due to a violation of clauses 3.2.1. -3.2.5. and 4.1. – 4.5, The Company applies a 100% fine to the Writer’s balance after the reservation of the Order’s price.

7. Disputes

7.1. A Customer has the right to place a case dispute within:

14 days after the first paper delivery

14 days after a paper’s revision

14 days after the case approval

Exception – plagiarism – no timeframe

7.2. The Dispute Manager:

  • Must reply to any questions and/or requests by a Writer on time
  • Must provide detailed reasons for a Dispute to the Writer upon request
  • Must on Writer’s request designate an approximate deadline of the final Dispute resolution
  • Must provide the supporting documents, showing the reasons for a Dispute (e.g., Plagiarism Report, graded paper, grading rubric, etc.) upon the Writer’s request
  • Must provide the Writer with up-to-date information about the progress of negotiations process with the Customer
  • Must inform the Final Dispute Resolution to the Writer, after negotiating with a Customer (i.e. the percentage of the refund)
  • Has the right to ask a Writer to produce the materials used for the paper completion
  • Has the right to ask for opinion by the Writer about the validity of the Customer’s reasons for filing a Dispute
  • Has the right to deduct the Writer’s payment for a dispute
  • Has the right to apply the fines, depending on the particular nature of the Dispute

The Writer:

  • Must reply requests and questions by the Dispute Manager’s on time
  • Must provide all the information about the process of the paper completion upon the Dispute Manager’s request
  • Must provide the digital copies of links or actual links to all the sources used during the paper writing process upon request by the Dispute Manager
  • Has a right to ask for the documents to support the reasons for a Customer’s disputes (for examples Plagiarism Report, The Grading rubric, a graded paper, etc.)
  • Has a right to participate in the procedure of negotiation with a disputing Customer
  • Has a right to information about the stage of negotiation.
  • Has a right to state suggestions on Dispute resolution.

7.4. The Quality Assurance Department has a right to impose these fines and measures, depending on specific reasons, circumstances and the amounts due for a refund to a Customer:

Plagiarism – 100% refund – 200% fine. More than one instance may result in termination of the account in accordance with the clause 9.1.2.

Writer uploads the wrong paper – 100% refund – 100% fine

Failure to follow instruction – – 100% refund – 100% fine. The instance also will result in the placement of the writer into Probation Period.

The Writer gets Full payment for Multiple Choice Question assignments upon a successful completion of the assignment up to 80%. All results below 80% of the assignment will be subject to a partial refund to the client and salary recalculation. The amount of pay to deduct shall depend on the percentage of the correct answers.

7.5. The Writer has the right to dispute the Fine imposed as a result of conditions stated in the clauses number 6.1 and 7.4 within three (3) business days from the moment it was imposed. The Writer should state the reasons to show why a fine imposition was not fair. The Dispute Manager has up to seven (7) business days after a dispute submission to investigate the case.

7.6. Termination of Account under clause 9.1.2 can be set on a dispute within three (3) business days from the moment of notifying the writer about it. The Writer should state the reason(s) why termination of an Account was unfair. The Support has up to seven (7) business days from the date of getting a dispute to investigate.

7.7. The Dispute Manager or Quality Assurance Department has the right to cancel the payment for the disputed case if its nature does not fall under any of the clauses above.  In such a situation, the Dispute Manager is obliged to provide the detailed reasons of the payment’s cancellation.

7.8. Fines imposed according to the clauses 6.2., 6.3. cannot be set on a dispute. They are final and irrevocable.

7.9. Termination of Account as initiated in the clause 9.1.1. cannot be set on the dispute. The decision is final and irrevocable.

8. Payment terms and conditions

8.1.  The Writer should submit the beneficiary information to the Support for verification upon Activation of Account, at least four (4) days before payment date or within the Account consideration period. The Company will postpone payments to the next payment date if the Writer fails to provide Beneficiary Information within the stated time, the Company will process all the payments on the next Payment Date. The Company does not allow writers to change their payment details after the termination of accounts. The Company does not take responsibility for submission of invalid or inaccurate payment details.  In such situations, the writer will bear all commissions and a fee of $25 for investigation and payment recall.

8.2. Whenever a Writer uploads a Product that complies with the conditions of the clause 4 and the Client approves it, he receives the agreed payment. It is visible in his Due Balance section.  The Company issues payments that sum up to at least $100 on the nearest Payment Date in the current month.

8.3. Payment Date is between date 16th and the 20th of every month. The Company has a right to change the Writer Payment Dates in the case of sudden/unexpected circumstances/technical difficulties. Notification of such changes to writers is by phones/emails.

8.4. A Writer has a right to choose the preferred method of receiving Payment from The Company. The Payment Method should be in consideration to the Writer’s location and methods available at the service offices. Below are the payment method options: Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney. The preferred method is Payoneer, due to its convenience to the Writer and the Company. The details for each Payment Method are described in the”Payment” section of the Website. If the writer wants to change the payment information, he/she will have to pass the verification procedure and share the official documents with us for security purposes.

9. Termination of Account

9.1. The Company reserves the right to immediately initiate Termination of Account (by notifying the Writer via email or phone) in such instances:

9.1.1. Violation of the clauses 3.2.7., 3.2.8., 3.2.9 and 11.1. (disclosure of Order information, sharing/selling/donating Products with any third parties, using Fake Accounts or several usernames).

9.1.2. Systematic violation (three or more cases within one month) of clauses 4.1.-4.5. (Failing to follow the Company’s standards and requirements for the Products) and these clauses: 3.2.1., 3.2.2., 3.2.3., 3.2.4., 3.2.5. (the Writer’s liabilities).

9.2. The Writer has the right to initiate Termination of Account at any time provided that he/she does not have any pending Orders. The Writer begins the procedure by notifying the Support via email or phone 10 days before the termination.

9.3. In the case of Termination of Account, The Company will pay the Writer all the pending payments and Earnings on the next nearest Payment Date.

10. Confidentiality

10.1. All the information the Company receives from the Writers and the Customers is kept in complete confidentiality without sharing/selling to any third parties. Detailed information on the privacy issues is available in the Privacy Policy at the Website.

11. Intellectual Property Rights

11.1. The Company manages the proper distribution of intellectual property rights for all provided Products subject to these Terms and Conditions.

11.2. The Writer and the Company ensure that both moral and economic intellectual property rights to any Product stay separate and shall be exercised independently by agreeing to these legally binding Terms and Conditions.

11.3. The Writer shall make an exclusive, unconditional and complete transfer of all the economic, intellectual property rights to a Product to the Company. The transfer described above takes place when a Writer agrees to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions. The Writer agrees that he/she does not have the right to use the Product per their choice wish. This agreement prohibits publishing /selling/sharing the Product with any third parties.

11.4. Simultaneously, moral, intellectual property rights remain inalienable rights that belong to the author only.

11.5. Moral, intellectual property rights mean the right to claim authorship of the Product and objection to any mutilation, distortion, modification or other derogatory action to the Product that would prejudice the Writer’s reputation or honor.

11.6. The Company deems the Intellectual property rights that do fit under 11.5. The section above to be economical, intellectual property rights that the Writer must transfer to us.

11.7. The Company obtains and enjoys all economic, intellectual property rights on the Product subject to these Terms and Conditions. This scope of the Company’s rights extends to delivered papers, sample essays, and all the works that the Writer provides.

11.8. Violating of the clauses 11.1.-11.7. Shall result to immediate Termination of Account, as stated in the clause 9.1.1.

12. Claim

12.1 The Company’s Risk Department investigates Claims and Payments during the Investigation Period.

12.2 Quality Assurance Department receives information on Orders with Claims from Customers to carry out a detailed examination of the said Product to determine compliance with the company’s standards and all requirements to Products as stated in clause 3.2 and  4.

12.2.1 Quality Assurance Department reserves the right to send a request for photos or screenshots of a Product or sources for citations and references from the Writer.

The Investigation period is automatically extended by the time taken to fulfill the request.

12.3 The Order price due to the Writer is put on hold, and the Company retains 100% from the Writer’s balance during the Investigation Period.

12.4 Based on the evidence from the Risk Department, Payment system and the Quality Assurance Department the hold on the Writer’s earnings can be removed within the Investigation Period:

If the Product meets the standards in clause 4, the Company adds the amount back the Writer’s balance Earnings;

If the Product violates clause 3.2 or fails to meet the standards in clause 4, the Company will not cover the Earnings.

12.5 If a Claim is a result of a Writer’s actions/lack of actions, the Company shall set the account on a Probation Period. More than one instance of Claim may result in account termination as stated in the clause 9.1.2.

12.6 The Writer has the right to request for a description of violations within five (5) business days if the Company does not cover the Earnings after their removal from the hold of funds according to clause 12.4.

Amendments to these Terms and Conditions

We strive to improve the quality of our service and thus can change these Terms of Use from time to time. We will publish any Amendments on this page.